Riding Tuition

Whether you are aiming for your first competition within the white boards or preparing for your first advanced test, Caroline has a natural affinity for getting the best out of both horse and rider, at any level.  She is direct yet kind in her approach, and quick to spot the little hindrances that disrupt a horse and rider partnership.  She welcomes pupils of all ages and capabilities to come for training with her at Lyneham Heath Farm, or she is happy to travel.

Caroline has over ten years of teaching experience, both in Denmark and the UK.  She is highly accomplished at sharing her knowledge, explaining the principles behind her methods, and instilling confidence in her pupils.

Reaction, rhythm, and balance are key in training any horse, not just pure dressage.  She uses a step by step approach, with a focus on ensuring the foundations of a horse’s training are secure before building towards more advanced movements.

Reactivity to the leg in any direction or pace, consistency of the contact, and responsiveness to subtle changes in the rider’s seat are achievable for any type of horse, whatever their level of training.  Her eye for detail is sharp and she has a dedicated patience for perfection.  Coupled with her sunny personality and good humour she is an effective and dedicated trainer that will always go the extra mile to help her pupils.

Private Lesson with Caroline at Lyneham is £35.00 with use of the indoor or outdoor arena.  She is also happy to teach locally to Lyneham, or travel further afield for clinics.  To book a lesson with Caroline please call her on 07789 901 134 or email Caroline@princzequestrian.com